Highly Suspect Agency

Good title for my puzzle game

I made a small Puzzlescript game! You can play it online right here.

If you've never played a Puzzlescript game before, use the WASD or arrow keys to move the character and (in levels where it's present) use the X button or spacebar to activate and deactivate the thingie. Press Z to undo and R to reset the level. You can play it on mobile as well; slide to move the character and tap to toggle the device.

To access the source code, press the "hack" link on the bottom or go to the gist where it's hosted.

Known bugs:

This is a prototype of something I'd like to make into a larger game outside of the Puzzlescript engine (and a lot of the bugs are because this mechanic is not especially Puzzlescript-shaped). I think it'd work well as a not-block-pushy game, like Portal. And I have some big ideas... idk. I would say "watch this space" but I have executive dysfunction

Here is a walkthrough, if you are stuck or just want to watch how the game works: